This site is for sharing who you fantasize about when you masturbate. I’ll keep track and post the winners of the week for our favorites.

I hope that we can potentially post pictures of our ideals, but I need to verify we’re not violating privacy or copyright laws.

There is to be no judging of other people.  Zero tolerance for trolls.

I’ve set up a forum to allow people to register and post anonymously. I will have ads that I will make money off of if you click or buy, and that will help me pay for the costs of setting up and maintaining this website. No one else can use affiliate links without express permission from me.

Now, there is mature content here.  If you’re easily offended, go somewhere else. This is not the place for you.

I do have up articles on masturbation and fantasy that I hope you find informational.

If you’re mature, and care to join in the conversation in the forum, click here:

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